Self-Publishing Preview For 2016

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I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, but mostly because I’ve started a Twitter account and am really devoting time to making my FB page worth reading. I’m constantly finding new industry articles and news that I think you’ll find interesting, so check it all out.


In the meantime, Publishers Weekly has just published a really good article on the indie press publishing prospects for 2016. It remains an exciting new world out there, one with great potential and great challenges.


Well worth reading…



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There’s Another Gap In Obamacare, And We Just Fell Through It…

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I think the 21st Century has not been kind to Americans. We’ve seen the longest war in American history, what feels like the beginning of the end of the American middle class, politics descend to a mean, more mean-spirited level than we’ve ever seen before, and a health care system that’s become–for many of us–the biggest threat to our economic well-being out there.


So I’ve done what writers do: I’ve started writing about it.


The result–after a year’s worth of study, research, and writing–is the book proposal I just sent my agent: WHY EVERYTHING SUCKS With Just A Few Modest Proposals That Might Make It All Suck A Little Less.


This book is, I hope, a thoughtful and entertaining look at all the things that have gone wrong in modern American life: politics, health care, wealth inequality, and a whole list of other issues that have made made life tougher and more challenging for most of us (and better than ever for a select few).


As the title suggests, though, I offer some solutions that I hope might make it all a little bit better.


The article that I’ve uploaded is loosely adapted from some of that work. I’ve just submitted it to The Huffington Post and am waiting to hear if they’re interested.


In the meantime, I thought I’d upload this to the blog. Just click on the link to pull up the .pdf.


Hope you enjoy!



There’s Another Gap In Obamacare

The New Publishing Paradigm

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It seems authors everywhere are feeling the squeeze. Even the Authors Guild has gotten in on the fracas, as evidenced by their “Fair Contract Initiative,” which they’ve just launched at BEA.


Here’s a link to their first manifesto. It’s fascinating reading:


MWA Panel At The Southern Festival Of Books A Great Success

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Here I am completely outnumbered at the Mystery Writers of America panel at the Southern Festival of Books this past weekend. It was a lively, fun panel with Sallie Bisell , J.T. Ellison, Stacy Allen, and me, along with a great capacity crowd!


I think the crowds may have been a little down this year due to the incredible downpour (two days later and it’s still raining like crazy here), but it was still a wonderful weekend. If you’ve never made it to the SFB in October, you really should. Mark it down in your calendar for October, 2015.

Photo By Shalynn Ford Womack

Photo By Shalynn Ford Womack

Bringing Down The Devil at the Southern Festival of Books

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Despite the downpour, we had a great panel today at the 2014 Southern Festival of Books. Nashville native/L.A. transplant Don Winston, Texan Ron Davis, and I did a panel called “Bringing Down The Devil: Three Thrillers. We had a near capacity crowd, a lively dialogue that made the ninety minutes go by like five, and lots of good Q&A.


All in all, it was a great day! More tomorrow!

Steve Womack, Don Winston, Rod Davis

Southern Festival of Books 2014 Is Here!

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For book lovers everywhere, one of the most exciting weekends of the year is upon us! The 2014 Southern Festival of Book starts this Friday, October 10th. For a complete schedule of programs, panels, and authors, here’s the link:


And for you fans of Resurrection Bay, I’ll be doing two panels. Here they are:


Bringing Down The Devil: Three Thrillers

with Ron Davis and Don Winston

Friday, October 10th, 1:30-3 pm in Room 3, Legislative Plaza


Mystery Writers of America Presents: Changing The World, One Mystery At A Time

with Stacy Allen, Sallie Bissell and J.T. Ellison

Saturday, October 11th, 3-4:30 in Room 31 Legislative Plaza


This is always one of the most fun weekends of the year. See you there!

On Publishing & The Music Biz

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I’ve been observing and studying the publishing industry for a long time and I’ve watched first-hand some of the changes that have occurred in this business since I got into it. I’ve also thought for the longest time that the publishing industry is just a few years behind the music industry in the evolution and difficulties it’s encountered.

There’s a fascinating article on the Digital Music News website called The Music Industry Has 99 Problems. And They Are…


If you want to see where publishing is headed, check this article out at:



The Crazy World of Publishing Defined…

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For all you aspiring writers out there, here’s a handy guide to literary and publishing terms by author Greg Levin. It’s not only hilarious, it’s largely dead-on in this day and age:


Robert Hansen In The News Again…

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This whole bizarre story about the death of Robert Hansen, the Alaskan serial killer, just keeps getting stranger and stranger. My collaborator on RESURRECTION BAY and the guy who came up with the story to begin with, Wayne McDaniel, sent me this the other day:


Robert Hansen’s in the news more now that he’s dead than when he was alive. Does this make him the Elvis of serial killers?


WSMV-TV Interview On The Death of Robert Hansen

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Dennis Ferrier, one of the lead reporters of our local NBC affiliate, WSMV-TV, came to my home office and interviewed me on September 1st about the death of Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen. This whole creepy coincidence–where Robert Hansen died in a hospital prison ward the same day Wayne McDaniel and I met for the first time–is continuing to resonate with readers all over.


Yesterday, I was interviewed by a Kim Vangkilde, a reporter from the Danish newspaper Ekstra Badet. It seems Hansen is of Danish descent, and readers there are fascinated by this whole weird story…


If you’d like to see the interview with Dennis, you can find it at: