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resurrection bay

Resurrection Bay

Decatur Kaiser embraced the sweetness.


For the better part of the morning, he had been sitting on top of the ridge counting M&Ms.

Savoring the addictive sweetness exploding across his tongue, Decatur leaned back in a silent, perfected stillness against an ancient Sitka spruce, the assault rifle balanced delicately across his knees.

He was watching the clearing below him, waiting as a stone waits.

by blood written

By Blood Written

She fought the urge to scream; after all, there were people downstairs. The blaring music—loud, driving retro punk—and the relentless din of party chatter probably would have covered her cries, but some last, long-buried remnant of propriety wouldn’t allow her to let loose...

murphy's fault

Murphy's Fault

It was all that sonofabitch Murphy's fault.

This all really started--if you go back long enough--nearly ten years ago. Back about the time I first...

torch town boogie

Torch Town Boogie

It was a magnificent fire, a marvelous fire, the kind of fire whose brilliance penetrates even closed window shades and eyelids. I'd been asleep barely an hour, had just plunged head first into the black hole...

dead folks blues

Dead Folks' Blues

All right, I'll tell you. But you have to promise not to laugh, okay? I'm a private investigator. In Nashville, Tennessee.

Stop snickering. No, I do not wear a trenchcoat, or a double-breasted suit, or a Homburg. I don't smoke cigarettes or drink straight...

dirty money

Dirty Money

The Mustang finally died somewhere west of Ely, Nevada, on State Route 50 just past the Little Antelope Summit.

God, don't ask me how I got here. I left out of Nashville four days ago--or was it five? Hell, I can't remember--enroute to Reno, trying to get there in time for the birth...

chain of fools

Chain Of Fools

Don't get me wrong; I like sex.


It's just that I never——well, I never thought, how do I say this? Never thought that there'd be so much...

murder manual

Murder Manual

I'd heard of the book. I mean, who hadn't? It had been on the New York Times Best Seller List for over a year. 60 Minutes did a feature segment on the author. Every woman celebrity anchor and interviewer from Diane Sawyer to Oprah to Sally Jesse...

way past dead

Way Past Dead

The night the fundamentalist redneck zealots assaulted the morgue, I was hauling butt down I-65 from Louisville back to Nashville after spending three days lying in the grass videotaping a disabled, wheelchair-bound bricklayer shooting hoops...

soft ware bomb

The Software Bomb

If Fred Astaire had been born with two left feet, and bad acne to boot, he would have looked exactly like Martin Brown.

The young man's straw-colored hair was badly in need of a...


Smash Cut:

Damn, the sweltering, overweight man thought, these Orientals just don't sweat. Robert J. Thibodeaux, the sixty-year-old president of the Louisiana Power Company, leaned to his left as the chopper banked and headed upriver toward the ghostly white images...

true crime files

The True Crime Files of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The True Crime Files of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an interesting project. Literary prospector Stephen Hines brought the project to me when he discovered two long-lost, out-of-print true crime books written by the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

cast of characters

Cast of Characters

InCast of Characters, you’ll meet a collection of unforgettable personalities. The devoted wife who discovers her husband’s devastating secret. The Black Death survivor who reinvents herself. And Steven Womack's short story of boarding school life for a loser, Goldfarb's Red Scarf

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