Steven Womack’s Seven Rules Of Success

Steven Womack’s Seven Rules Of Success

1) Be The Luckiest Son Of A Bitch On The Planet!

Nothing—not talent, determination, or effort—trumps luck, and if you’re not lucky, then that’s evidence you’re not worthy of success!

2) Always Be Right!

Winners are always right! Only losers are ever wrong!

3) Never, Ever, Make A Mistake!

If you make mistakes, then you’re a loser. The only thing worse than making a mistake is admitting you made a mistake.

4) Always Have Only The Good Stuff Happen To You!

If nothing bad ever happens to you, then by definition you are a success!

5)Never Fail At Anything!

Losers fail. Winners win. End of story.

6) Make A Ton Of Money!

After all, that’s how we measure it, right?

7) Never, Ever Pay Any Attention To Stupid Lists Of Rules of Success

Figure it out on your own. Everyone’s path is different. When you’re successful, you’ll know it.

The Clarksville Writers Conference Is Almost Here…

I’ve been working feverishly the past couple of days getting ready for the 2016 Clarksville Writers Conference, which starts tomorrow at Austin Peay State University.

I’m doing two presentations. Tomorrow, June 2nd, at 2:45, I’m giving a presentation on the changing face of publishing and how to get started as an independent publisher. I’m calling it The Writer’s Survival Camp.

On Friday, June 3rd, I’m doing The Detective’s Journey, a panel on how classic mythic dramatic structure works in crime and detective fiction. It’s at 2:45 as well.

You can check out the CWC website by clinking on the logo below:


On the 45th Anniversary of FALILV

Timothy Denevi on the 45th Anniversary of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas…

Age changes your perspective in the weirdist ways. When I was in high school I read Kerouac’s On The Road and it was the most romantic, adventuresome, epic journey of all time. I hitchhiked cross-country (south to north) on less than five bucks, from New Orleans to upstate Vermont, to see a girlfriend, inspired by Kerouac and Neal Cassady and the rest of those guys…

Thirty-five years later, I reread OTR while working on my MFA at Southampton College. I was nearly fifty, with a new baby and a new marriage, and desperately trying to finish the degree to hold onto my teaching job.

And all I could think of, as a middle-aged parent, about the characters in On The Road was how depressed and lost they all were. “Get some Prozac and see a shrink,” I kept saying to myself.

Kerouac did, of course, drink himself to death…

First-Edition_FearLoathing-207x300Now, Timothy Denevi (a writer I’ve just discovered) has just published a 45-year retrospective piece on Hunter Thompsons’ Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, another book that blew me away in my early twenties. Thompson’s “savage journey into the heart of the American Dream” made me want to bite off as big a piece of life as I could…

After reading this article, though, and having seen a couple of documentaries on Thompson–who toward the end of his life was a hopeless drunk, an obnoxious jerk, and a parody of himself–I’m glad I stayed away from the ether. As Thompson wrote, nothing was as scary as a man in the depths of an ether binge……/hunter-thompson-oscar-ac…/

Harry James Denton Books Update

After several months of waiting, I got a letter over the weekend from Random House. The last of the rights to the Harry James Denton novels have been reverted to me!

Dead Folks’ BluesTorch Town Boogie, and Murder Manual–along with Way Past Dead, Chain of Fools, and Dirty Money–are now free to be republished under the Spearhead Press imprint.

I’m excited, but truthfully, a little bit sad as well. I had a 22-year-run at Ballantine Books/Fawcett/Random House with those books and I’m very grateful for that experience.

But I’m also looking forward to seeing those books available with new covers and to seeing Harry back in action!

Self-Publishing Preview For 2016

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, but mostly because I’ve started a Twitter account and am really devoting time to making my FB page worth reading. I’m constantly finding new industry articles and news that I think you’ll find interesting, so check it all out.

In the meantime, Publishers Weekly has just published a really good article on the indie press publishing prospects for 2016. It remains an exciting new world out there, one with great potential and great challenges.

Well worth reading…


MWA Panel At The Southern Festival Of Books A Great Success

Here I am completely outnumbered at the Mystery Writers of America panel at the Southern Festival of Books this past weekend. It was a lively, fun panel with Sallie Bisell , J.T. Ellison, Stacy Allen, and me, along with a great capacity crowd!

I think the crowds may have been a little down this year due to the incredible downpour (two days later and it’s still raining like crazy here), but it was still a wonderful weekend. If you’ve never made it to the SFB in October, you really should. Mark it down in your calendar for October, 2015.

Photo By Shalynn Ford Womack
Photo By Shalynn Ford Womack

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