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Why Politics Sucks Published!

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Why Politics Sucks: With Just A Few Modest Proposals That Might Make It All Suck A Little Less has been published! It’s available for instant download right now. Celebrate the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions with an entertaining take on why our politic system is so broken and why, for lack of a better term, politics sucks!

WPS WEB PROMO largeWhy Politics Sucks: With Just A Few Modest Proposals That Might Make It All Suck A Little Less is the first in a series of eight “broadsides” that will take a good, long, hard look at what’s gone wrong in our society. From Health Care to Wealth Inequality to the role of Religion, the failure of Higher Education, our broken Legal System and out-of-control Corporate Behavior, it seems like every major facet of American society is stumbling, if not downright falling. So over the next few months, we’re going to take each one of these topics and shed a little analysis, make a few “modest proposals” and generally engage in an insightful, thorough, smart-assed rant.

Why Politics Sucks: With Just A Few Modest Proposals That Might Make It All Suck A Little Less will be released in Ebook form only. When all eight broadsides have been published, I’ll compile them into a printed book that will be widely available.

You can find Why Politics Sucks at the following major Ebook distributors:

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In the meantime, we  return you to our regularly scheduled website…

Welcome to!

Steven WomackThanks for visiting. I’m glad you’re here. If you’ve been to my website before, then you’ll notice that it’s undergoing its first major revision in a couple of years.

I want to do something different this time around. Rather than this being a place on the Internet where I hawk books, I want to do something else. If you go to the web pages for each of my books, you won’t find a catalogue description or a cut-and-paste from the page.

A Different Kind of Book Page…

Signing RESURRECTION BAY at Parnassus Books
Signing RESURRECTION BAY at Parnassus Books

What you’ll find instead is my own notes and backstory on where each book came from. Every novel is a story, but every novel has its own story as well. And that’s what I’d like to do here: give you some idea of where each book came from and how it came to be…

Of course, there will still be the occasional obligatory fun self-promotion fluff piece, like pictures of me signing and speaking at Parnassus Books…

A Place To Share Resources…

I’d also like for this to be a meeting place for readers and writers alike. The publishing business right now is changing in ways that can only be described as revolutionary. I’ve been a published novelist now for over 25 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it. I read ezines, blogs, and articles every day about this business. Sometimes it seems like keeping on top of the changes in this industry is a full-time job…

A New Kind of Publishing World…

Signing RESURRECTION BAY at the Cool Springs Barnes & Noble.
Signing RESURRECTION BAY at the Cool Springs Barnes & Noble.

In many ways, it’s a golden era for writers. Thanks to the digital publishing revolution, it’s never been easier for writers to get their work in front of readers. When I first started out, writers were literally at the mercy of agents and editors, who served as gatekeepers (perhaps bouncers would be a better description). They could take years to decide if you were going to be let into the club, and their decision was final.

Those days are over.

Writers can now totally bypass the gatekeepers. What this means is that more writers than ever are publishing, and more books are being published than ever before.

I’m about to go full-court-press into indie-pubbing myself, with the launch of Spearhead Press later this summer.


The downside, of course, is that it’s harder than ever to get any attention in such a crowded field, and it’s harder than ever to make a living at it…

So I want this website to be a resource for writers and readers. We’re all after the same thing: the incredible experience of being a part of a good story and sharing that bond.

This website is, as we all are, a work-in-progress.  So I ask your patience as this journey progresses.

While this site is being built, take a look at my Facebook page. I find a lot of really interesting stuff that I like to share:search


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