Have you got a story to tell?

Steven Womack Teaching At The Clarksville Writers Conference 2016–Photo By Shalynn Ford Womack

Have you written a manuscript or screenplay that needs a bit of professional polish before it can be submitted to an agent?

Have you attempted to write a manuscript, but set it aside, hoping that it will magically finish writing itself?

I can work with you!

Whether you’re a novice writer wanting to learn the basics of the craft (story structure, plot development, creating authentic and compelling characters, powerful dialogue) or a more experienced writer seeking a seasoned, veteran editor/writing coach who can provide insightful feedback on your work–or anywhere in between–I can help you.

Disclosure: there are no new stories. They’ve all been told. However, there are new voices. Voices with an individual and often distinct perspective. Voices that reflect a unique set of emotional, intellectual, and even physical experiences. Voices that might otherwise go unheard if not for the ability to craft those experiences into a coherent written narrative. Are you one of those unique voices? Let’s find out.

I’m an award-winning writer/editor with over four decades of professional experience (including journalism, publishing), and twenty-five years teaching experience at the college level. I’ve published over a dozen novels. My books have sold internationally, and been translated into five languages. I can help you bring your voice to life through the written word…

My rates are reasonable and custom-designed for each project. Reach out to me through my Contact page and let’s get started!

Edgar and Shamus Award-Winning Author