This Crazy Writing Life — Episode 2

Steve Explains The Reality of Publishing In 12 Short Minutes

Ever wonder how traditional publishing has traditionally worked? In Episode 2 of This Crazy Writing Life, Steve talks about his own and other writers’ experiences dealing with the world of tradtional publishing…

And why he finally decided to walk away from it.

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4 thoughts on “This Crazy Writing Life — Episode 2”

  1. Very interesting Steve, you have a knack for storytelling.

    As I listened to this I was remembering your ponytail, straw hat and that little Mazda Miata you drove ……during your writing heyday. I think Chris may have wanted to be a writer back then, she really wanted a Miata !

    Life was pretty simple in 1992. Keep at it!

  2. Steve,

    Your first two blogs are right on — great descriptions of the way book publishing is. I’m recommending them to aspiring authors.


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